Dr. Albert Roseiro received an electrical engineering diploma from ESIEE, France in 1986 and a Ph.D. degree from Michigan State University, USA in 1989.

Worked for french defense industry on SSMA-CDMA modems, information theory, ciphering electronic warfare using error coding techniques then spend many years as a consultant for civilian industry on digital signal processing applied on wireless modems.

Holder of patents when working for Airbus Group (formely EADS) and published papers on international scientific journals (i.e. IEEE Information Theory).

Later was been involved in Airbus Power Plant System design and in-service support (GE, CFM, PW and RR engines, FADEC, lightning protection) on A300, A330 and A350.

Owner and operator of a private research and testing laboratory on extreme power nonlinear LF, HF and RF electronics energy saving products for the assessment of anomalous energy claims.

Advanced photometry, thermal and spectral analysis testing are done in collaboration with Pr Georges Zissis at LAPLACE Institute

Speaks french, english, spanish and portuguese